The Answer to Alleviate Joint and Bone Pain

There are 206 bones in the adult human body and 360 joints. Joints are the junctions that connect bones. Some joints are fibrous and don’t move; some are cartilaginous and move somewhat; and the movable joints, like elbows, knees, shoulders and vertebral, are known as synovial, due to the synovial fluid which serves as a lubricant, and cushion, of sorts, for ease of movement.

As a body ages, the bones and joints can take a real beating, especially if you are an athlete, teacher, nurse, construction worker, parent, just about anything that requires a lot of standing, sitting, moving and laboring. Our skeletal system supports and protects every other bodily system.

Age-To-Likelihood of Pain

A statistic I find interesting shows a person’s age is directly proportional to the likelihood of bone and joint problems, regardless of profession or activity levels. I am over 60, for example. That would mean there is a 60% chance that I have issues with my bones and joints. If you’re 30 years-old, there is a 30% chance you experience issues, etc.

Certain foods can contribute to joint pain and inflammation like; dairy products; sugars and refined carbohydrates; salt and preservatives; and oils like corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, and cottonseed. I always advise my clients to limit or eliminate these five groups of foods to help reduce inflammation in pain and joints.

The problem is whether it’s your profession, your lifestyle, or your diet, the NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) you are prescribed and consuming to reduce pain and inflammation are causing more harm than good. Were you aware that NSAID’s are responsible for some cases of bleeding ulcers, permanently damaging kidneys, and even causing death? Other medications prescribed for the same malady can cause a host of additional side-effects and complications. As many as 30,000 people die each year due to medications.

What’s more, medications, vitamins and supplements in tablet form are not fully absorbed by your body rendering them, essentially, ineffective. You are left with no real relief and any number of side-effects.

Fortunately, the knowledge I have gained as a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist has helped me beat the odds and shattered the statistics! I know what it is like to suffer from joint pain as I personally have a herniated disc in my neck, which caused many limitations and chronic discomfort. When I discovered a product to support my bone and joint health, called Prime Joint Support Formula It made a huge difference in the quality of my life.


This isotonic delivery system comes in powder form and mixes easily with water. Once consumed, osmosis causes it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream within minutes of ingestion. There are no lingering pills being eliminated through the colon as can be seen on X-rays. This delivery system is the closest thing to IV therapy that I have found in my 20 plus years as a Naturopath.


Prime Joint Support Formula has allowed me the freedom to move and participate in activities many people my age are unable to do. I have had clients report to their orthopedic doctors and surgeons the relief they’ve experienced from chronic joint pain and inflammation, with no known side-effects. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.


Ever hear of an athlete named Scottie Pippen? He’s a six-time NBA champion, Hall-of-Famer, and two-time USA Olympic Gold Medalist. After a career spanning two decades battling big men in the lane and chasing field goals up and down basketball courts around the world, his bones and joints were screaming from the abuse. He was in search of a natural solution that would not just temporally relieve pain but actually support the joint tissue itself. His orthopedic surgeons, who had performed as many as 14 surgeries on Scottie over the course of his career, approved his use of Prime Joint Support Formula, which features three key science based ingredients: Pycnogenol, Glucosamine, and Hyaluronic Acid.
Pycnogenol: Inhibits the body’s over-active inflammatory response processes
Glucosamine: Promotes cartilage growth and regeneration
Hyaluronic Acid: Re-hydrates the synovial fluid which can diminish with age
Since then, Scottie has served as spokesman for Prime Joint Support Formula, because he knows from experience how well it works.

He attests, “It’s given me new life…Prime Joint Support Formula is really not a secret. This is what is keeping me young, keeping me going, keeping me feeling good, keeping me in the gym. It is allowing me to do everything I wanted to do when I retired: explore the world with my kids, travel, and not feel the brunt of the pain. It’s all been made possible by Prime Joint Support Formula.

Those are pretty powerful statements from a celebrity athlete admired around the world. When doctors, professional athletes, everyday people are achieving results from a product that has no known side-effects, what have you got to lose but the discomfort and inflammation in your bones and joints?

I’m a believer, and I’m here to help you! Prime Joint Support Formula is the perfect combination of ingredients to help reduce both, joint inflammation and bone pain, while supporting new cartilage growth.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach, and Teacher, it is my job to share with my clients and students natural ways to be proactive in order to not only reduce and sometimes even eliminate joint and bone discomfort, but to meet and exceed individual health and wellness goals.


Dr. Sheryl Duchess , N.D., M.H., Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Master Herbalist, Public Speaker, Educator

Dr.Sheryl is certified naturopathic doctor who is dedicated to educating and helping people find a more natural approach to wellness. She explains the root cause of disease and shares the secrets of a naturopath through her wellness course, videos, and mentoring opportunities.

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