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Dr. Sheryl's Personal Journey To Naturopathic Wellness

From childhood to my mid-thirties I suffered from a very weakened immune system. The solutions offered by medical doctors were repeated rounds of antibiotics, as much as 8 to 10 times per year, which ultimately caused a weakened immune system. My digestive system was affected by the frequent medications, leading to chronic constipation and yeast infections. 

I was sick more than I was well. Something had to be done.

Like many of you, I sensed there had to be an alternative to living life in a constant state of illness and dependency on pharmaceutical medications. 

My personal search for health led me to study naturopathy.

Upon completing my degree from Trinity College of Natural Medicine in 1997, I realized that many people were suffering needlessly with variations of degenerative disease(s). Hence, I made a commitment to teach as many people as possible how to take charge of their health naturally. 


Rather than limiting my time to a sole practice, I chose to devote myself to lecturing and mentoring through seminars, group guidance, and nutritional training; empowering individuals to take charge of their health. 

I started my company, Institute of Naturopathic Wellness, as a way to educate others on health, wellness, and naturopathy. As a naturopathic doctor, it is my desire to share my knowledge and experience to help you reach optimal health.

What is a Naturopath Doctor?

The word “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere” meaning “to teach”. Naturopathic medicine has existed as a health care profession for over 100 years.

Teach people natural methods to enhance good health, optimal wellness, and encourage longevity.
Foundations of a holistic approach, and focus is on maintaining wellness with an emphasis on disease prevention.
Identify root causes of health issues and diseases addressing them through natural methods and applications.
Remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.


Dr. Sheryl Duchess , N.D., M.H., Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Master Herbalist, Public Speaker, Educator

Dr.Sheryl is certified naturopathic doctor who is dedicated to educating and helping people find a more natural approach to wellness. She explains the root cause of disease and shares the secrets of a naturopath through her wellness course, videos, and mentoring opportunities.

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