Avoiding the Flu Shot

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The fall season is finally upon us, which means the flu season is, too. Everywhere you turn, pharmacies and doctors’ offices alike will try to convince you to get the flu shot. While the shot works for some, it can cause unwanted side effects. To avoid getting the flu shot, consider these ways to naturally boost your immune system to ward off sickness and stay healthy throughout the cooler weather.

The Truth Behind the Flu Shot

The CDC produced a study which revealed that the flu shot was only 40-60% percent effective in all age groups. Not only does the flu shot only work half of the time, but there are also some serious, negative consequences that can be associated with the vaccine. In the most extreme cases, death and disability have occurred as a direct result of receiving the flu shot. What many do not realize is that there are ways to naturally boost your immune system, which can allow you to avoid getting the flu shot.

Naturally Boost Your Immune System with Vitamin D and Beta-Glucans

Having enough vitamin D in your body is crucial to the support of the immune system. Vitamin D has a direct, immune-modulating effect on your body’s virus-killing immune cells, CD8 T-cells. Aside from consuming vitamin D, it can actually be absorbed through your body via the sun as well.

Do you ever wonder why the flu and colds are so prominent in the winter months? It is because there is less sunlight. Also, most people do not get regular exposure to the sun if they work indoors. This is especially true for those who live in the northern region of the United States, due to the fact that there is not as much sunlight. Because of this reason, most people fall extremely short of gaining the healthy, optimal level of vitamin D: 50 to 70 ng/ml.

With the lack of this vital mineral, CD8 T-cell production can be discouraged, thus weakening the immune system and increasing the chances of contracting the flu. Vitamin D itself has the ability to produce antimicrobial peptides, which can kill bacteria and viruses. So, as you can see, there are multiple reasons why increasing your vitamin D intake can help you boost your immune and improve your overall wellness.

For the last 30 years, beta-glucans derived from proprietary strains of yeast and certain mushrooms have also been studied. It was discovered that they, too, can help boost your body’s immune function. Beta-glucans are sugars that can promote beneficial activity of macrophages, T cells and natural killer-cells, which engulf and destroy pathogens and foreign matter, such as viruses and bacteria. This can encourage the strengthening of a weakened immune system by stimulating the chemicals needed to fight infections.

Flu Prevention Supplements: What’s in Dr. Sheryl’s Cabinet?

If you are concerned about the risks associated with the flu shot and would like to avoid getting one, consider these supplements that I have in my cabinet, which can help naturally boost your immune system.
Immune: Maximum Defense Formula by nutraMetrix®
I choose this maximum defense formula because the High ORAC value gives it a strong, antioxidant defense. This patented, beta-glucan supplement can help increase immune function and promote the activities of T-cells, which can help kill foreign pathogens.
Immune: nutraMetrix Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2
Combining the powers of vitamin D, K2 and D3, this particular vitamin supplement is able to support immune system health and help restore the normal absorption of calcium. I choose this particular product because of the special isotonic delivery system, and its ability to get into the bloodstream quickly. Boosting the level of vitamin D to an optimal range can help minimize the risk of catching the flu, colds or viruses, which can lead to secondary infections.
Digestive: nutraMetrix® Ultimate Aloe®
Aloe juice truly is a miracle supplement, as it can support a strong immune system as well as provide digestive comfort and promote healing. This product has been clinically tested, has three times more polymers than gel and 50 percent more active components—I wouldn’t use anything else.
Do you want to avoid the flu shot and help naturally boost your immune system? If so, Schedule a Wellness Consult through my website to learn more about naturopathic wellness.


Dr. Sheryl Duchess , N.D., M.H., Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Master Herbalist, Public Speaker, Educator

Dr.Sheryl is certified naturopathic doctor who is dedicated to educating and helping people find a more natural approach to wellness. She explains the root cause of disease and shares the secrets of a naturopath through her wellness course, videos, and mentoring opportunities.

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