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Will the Naturopathic Wellness Course really help me understand how to improve my health?

Your course was tremendous! The final class was an unexpected treat with all the great resources! You saved the best for last! I have been “into” wellness most of my life. You have truly put together a terrific comprehensive course that will enlighten any student, regardless of how much or how little they know about wellness. Thank you for allowing us to take advantage of your expertise!

I have learned time and again that “sickness is expensive and wellness is a bargain”!

It is extremely rewarding to help each client Select The Best Health.
Sherry Hubbard
The Naturopathic Wellness course was very illuminating! I have always been interested in wellness care as a way to help others stay healthy. I will be continuing my education further in the future with a great head start because of the highly comprehensive studies here. Dr. Sheryl Duchess is a wonderful teacher and answered all of my questions. I really enjoy the fact that I can go back and continue to learn even more from the coaching materials available and to further help my clients. I feel confident in being able to teach my clients more about how the body works and why adequate nutrition is so important. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their health career in wellness and nutrition!
Jennifer Rose Hill
This course has been an incredible learning experience for me! I have been working in the area of wellness for at least the last 2 years and have learned a lot from various public seminars that Dr. Sheryl has provided however, this course has filled in a lot of the gaps I had. I feel like I have a solid foundation on which to build for my continued learning in the area of health and wellness! Thank you Dr Sheryl for your passion and willingness to share information that would have otherwise taken me years to gain!
Jennie James
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How is the Naturopathic Wellness Course different from other programs?

I started educating myself in health & nutrition after my sudden health challenge in June 2010 and what I have learned has been eye opening. I wish to pay it forward so I recently made a new career as a health coach. Since my new passion for health & nutrition, I looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed all the education I received from your class. I look forward to helping others and sharing this valuable information with them. Thank you so much for sharing.
Marsha Beals
The latest Naturopathic Wellness Course with Dr. Sheryl Duchess has been the best wellness and health investment for me and my clients. Once I learned of harmless natural remedies for my health issues, my life changed completely. I have been clean of any medications (and the list I was taking was quite extensive!) for over 12 years. This course has fired me up to share what I have learned.  
Karin Altmayer
This course was fantastic! A rich resource of information on all body systems and the root cause of disease and how to achieve optimal wellness. It greatly added to my understanding and created a greater passion to learn more. I would recommend it to both Health Professionals and individuals who just want to increase their knowledge.

I have 32 year experience in business and individual development. My journey to wellness started 25 years ago with my twin girls who were born with RETT Syndrome. Now specializing in optimal wellness and business development for all Health Professionals and people with a desire to become well: Mind -Body- Spirit
Teresa Noor
When I was first introduced to this course, I felt ecstatic and nervous at the same time. Nervous since I know I have limited amount of medical knowledge, but as I went through the lessons and until the end, Dr. Sheryl’s course really made me feel knowledgeable, amazed, and you may say ‘powerful’. It was easy to follow and definitely very informative. If there were terms to be defined, citations were given for you to further look into the subject, which was a great help. Her soothing voice over was an added bonus! I’m really glad to have taken this course since I am now confident and able to pay forward what I’ve learned most specially towards my family.
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Can I make a living as a naturopathic wellness coach?

My name is Robert Rysgaard. I help health professionals implement customized wellness solutions into their practices. This helps them provide better outcomes for their patients as well as providing the practice with an additional stream of income. The course I just completed will provide me with a better understanding of how the body functions and the knowledge of products that could directly benefit their patients.

I just completed a 7 week wellness course from Dr. Sheryl Duchess. All I can say is that it was outstanding! It exceeded my expectations. It was so informative and easy to follow as well as flexible to fit your busy schedule. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about how your body works and how to achieve your personal optimal health. Thanks Dr. Sheryl
Robert Rysaard
I took this class hoping it would help in how I approach client needs in my business. Anyone hoping to increase their business should take this class. This class allowed me the opportunity to learn how to add Naturopathic Wellness along with the things I learned about Nutrametrix to be a better Wellness Coach. I learned how to listen to my body and what it is telling me and how to better help the clients who come to me for help.
Lela Maria Hargrove
I am Helen Ho, at present working as a Chemist in a manufacturing company.

I've always wanted to know more about the root cause of all the sickness and understand natural ways to help improve my own health and those around me

Thanks to Dr Sheryl who conducted this Naturopathic Wellness Course which helps me to understand more about the root causes and diseases of each sickness especially the joint discomfort which most of the elderly Singaporean are facing.

With the knowledge I gain from Dr Sheryl, I have help 3 of my elderly customers to improve the joint discomfort. Thanks to Dr Sheryl for imparting all the useful knowledge to us.
Helen Ho, Singapore
My passion is to help people become healthy without the use of prescriptions. I enrolled in the Naturopathic Wellness Course to further my education. 

The Naturopathic Wellness Course was fantastic. I was really impressed by the amount of information provided in a way anyone could understand. This is a great course for anyone wanting additional information on your body. I will used what I learned as I talk to people about supplementations. The last class really brought the entire seven week course together. That class alone was terrific because it reviewed the first six week classes and it also went over the deficiencies of Vitamins and what happened to your body. The course was defiantly worth the money paid!
Hilary Frei
My philosophy is your health is your wealth with out it you have nothing. I enjoy educating people on wellness through supplementation, exercise and proper nutrition. I also believe in continuing my own education to better serve my clients. 

The Naturopathic Wellness Course was a wealth of information that I feel I can us to help my clients to achieve better health and not be so dependent on prescription drugs that have so many side effects. Understanding the “root” of the problem is so important and realizing that what is happening in the gut controls so much of the rest of the body, if the gut is not working properly issues will be developing in the body. So we must start with a healthy gut. The knowledge of natural products on how they affect the body with out chemicals was very beneficial. This class was paced well and Dr Sheryl Duchess explain everything in a way that all the students could understand. The live phone calls to ask questions made it even more personal and interactive. Very well done.
Sharon Smith
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I have just finished the 7 week Naturopathic Wellness Course taught by Dr Sheryl and it was phenomenal. I found it very easy to understand while providing a wealth of knowledge. It is also very affordable and flexible for those on a budget or with a busy schedule. I highly recommend this course for anyone currently in the health and nutrition world and for those like myself that are just getting started.
I have worked in corporate America for over 35 years, health and nutrition have always been of interest to me. Dr. Sheryl is a great teacher and communicator. This is the first course I have taken and I had no problems following and understanding her teachings. The 7 week Naturopathic Wellness Course was ideal for me and I plan to use the knowledge as a platform to launch myself into a new career. My plan is to begin with myself and as I gain more knowledge to share that with others so that they may live a longer and more healthy life.

Thank you Dr. Sheryl for the opportunity to learn so much, I look forward to the next class.
Kathy Oliver
I loved this class as now I can even educate and help others by using the information taught in this Naturopathic Wellness Class. My desire has always been to help others get healthy but now starting from the Root Cause I can offer so much more.
Cherie Bredbury
My name is Joyce Vermilyer, I have been studying Natural Health for 15 years now with guidance of Dr.Sheryl Duchess, research I have done myself and through experience of helping others. My goal is to teach and educate people so that they will make educated choices to improve their health without the side effects of medication.

I just completed a seven week Naturopathic Course with Dr. Sheryl Duchess, the class was very informative, it flowed with ease, no pressure, the education was easy to follow and understand. The schedule was a good fit with my busy lifestyle. My plan is to further my education so that I may coach others about their health. 

This course started with the gut and your PH which takes us on a path of understanding how important these two are and that they both need to be healthy and working properly the rest of our body will follow with good results. The knowledge we attained about natural products was a real game changer for me, this is so important for all to know so that we make good choices. This course was very well worth my time, effort and money. Thank you Dr Sheryl Duchess, I just cannot say enough what you have done to help and guide with such amazing education. Many Blessings to you.
Joyce Vermilyer
My mother died suddenly at the age of 52. I was 27 years old and married with two small children at the time. I realized this cannot happen to me. I took a hard look at what I had to do to maintain good health and live a long life. Taking the Naturopathic Wellness Certificate Course, has given me more knowledge for helping my family, my customers, and myself. 
Cherie Bredbury
I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I especially like the learning about specific health conditions and which type of supplements support the body system. I have personally  struggled with allergies and since gaining the knowledge of how to use some key nutrients it has made a huge difference.  I  planned to use my knowledge gained during your class and my personal testimony to help others to achieve optimum health.
Tonia Simmons
This course has added so much to my practice. I am better able to educate my patients on how to look for the root cause instead of at each symptoms. It also to help me with my own health issues and help those I love most! Education is key and Dr. Sheryl gives you the key AND much much more. Thank you Dr. Sheryl for your time and dedication. This course was amazing! 
Leah Haggarty
I have followed Dr. Sheryl’s educational offerings for nearly 20 years. Last year I took Dr. Sheryl’s Naturopathic Wellness Course. Not only was the information good and well-delivered by Dr. Sheryl, but I also know how to use it to help people.

My background includes a Bachelor of Science, Integrative Health courses at the Cleveland Clinic and from the Institute for Functional Medicine, so I am a “pretty tough customer” when it comes to the quality of evaluating a science presentation.

Dr. Sheryl’s Naturopathic Wellness Course was all that was promised and “then some.” Her command of the science behind her food and formula recommendations was very practical. I especially appreciated the stories about her patients who followed her advice and had life-changing results.

Learning how to talk with clients one on one to help them learn about their patterns of health, and gaining the confidence to lead wellness talks in my community were wonderful “side effects.”

I recommend Dr. Sheryl’s Naturopathic Wellness Course to all who are interested in approaching wellness from the root cause up.
Carol from Michigan
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