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Chronic constant stress is a real problem today. Your body was made to handle short-term stress 10 to 20 minutes without a problem but when we are subject to chronic prolonged stress, the adrenal glands can become fatigued. You may have heard the term adrenal exhaustion. Under prolonged stress the adrenal glands will produce excess cortisol levels that can play havoc on the entire endocrine system, including the thyroid.

Cortisol levels have a direct relationship with the thyroid and the adrenal glands as they act synergistically with one another.


Cortisol assists the thyroid hormone in working more efficiently, and the correct amount of cortisol – not too high or too low – supports normal thyroid function. When cortisol gets too high, triggered by the adrenal gland’s response to elevated stress, it causes a delayed response to the thyroid hormone receptors. When this occurs, the hormones aren’t allowed to work at optimal levels, leaving you feeling sluggish, tired, and affecting your metabolism. The imbalance of cortisol levels can also be the root cause of weight gain.

Symptoms of Adrenal Exhaustion

Sleep difficulties (e.g., waking up during the middle of the night)
Tired during the day and come to life around 11pm
Hormone imbalance
Weakened immunity
Decreased muscle tone and strength
Weight gain, especially visceral fat (fat around the belly and hips)
Decreased cognitive functioning (e.g., forgetfulness, poor memory)
Insulin resistance
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Mood Swings
Most people turn to stimulants like coffee, sodas, and medication that will only cause the adrenals to become even more exhausted. It’s kind of like beating a tired horse - eventually the horse just gives out. The solution is to feed and nourish both adrenals glands and thyroid with keys nutrients called adaptogens (herbs that work synergistically to allowing the body to appropriately respond to stress).

Dr. Sheryl Recommends These Natural Supplements 
for Combating Stress & Fatigue

  • “I am a personal trainer and weight management coach. I personally have used the TLS ACTS formula with great success with many of my clients. I have seen it make a difference in their energy, mood, and weight loss as well as helping improve sleep. I have a lot of clients who are going thru menopause and this formula has helped along with the use of Activated B-Complex. Depending on the severity, I have used 2 ACTS capsules with 1 cap of the Isotonix B-Complex two times per day. When the hormones are out of balance it is near impossible to help my clients reach their weight loss goals. The ACTS formula works quickly and starts to stabilize the cortisol levels and allows my clients to get the rest they need to both get healthy and achieve their weight loss goals.”
    Lydia Martinez
  • “I can tell you that I used Prime Sleep because I was lucky if I was getting 4 hours each night. I took it about 30 minutes prior to going to bed. I fell asleep quickly and if I woke up in the middle of the night to do the potty thing, when I went back to bed, I fell back asleep right away and woke up fully refreshed. After about 5 nights of using Prime Sleep, I no longer have to take it and have no problems sleeping. I am taking the Isotonix Multi-Tech and OPC-3 and I believe that that is helping as well. I started taking all 3 products right around the same time.”
  • “My daughter is sixteen years old. For at least 3 years she has been suffering from SEVERE acne. We have tried every product on the market including Proactive, Dermatologists recommendations and every over-the-counter product on the market. NOTHING WORKED!! Since the topicals from the dermatologists and proactive did not work I decided to start her on Prevaderm and the Anti Blemish potion!!
    IN 3 DAYS her face cleared. I have spent hundreds of dollars on her over the years and in 3 days her confidence level increased dramatically. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING!!”
    Tracey Holliday
TLS® ACTS (Adrenal, Cortisol, Thyroid & Stress) Support Formula by nutraMetrix®

Unlike stress-relief formulas, which may simply work to tranquilize, the ACTS formula functions as an adaptogen. The TLS® ACTS formula helps to balance excess cortisol levels supporting both adrenal and thyroid function.

As a naturopathic doctor I have used many herbal formulas over the years to help my patients deal with stress. What I love about the ACTS formula is that it has so many of the individual herbs I have used like Ashwagandha root, passion flower extract, and holy basil. Having this comprehensive formula works great and is much easier and less expensive than buying them individually. I would like to also suggest that exercise should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle as it can relieve stress and help to balance the cortisol levels as well.

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Improves mental clarity and relaxation without drowsiness
Helps maintain healthy levels of both serotonin and dopamine
May help to minimize certain fatigue and stress-related issues (weight gain, difficulty sleeping, moodiness, etc.)
Promotes healthy levels of cortisol
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Recommended Complementary Products For Stress & Fatigue

nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Activated B-Complex
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Deficiencies in folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 or biotin may result in feelings of fatigue
Helps decrease stress, improve mood and cognitive performance
Helps maintain healthy levels of serotonin
Supports normal vascular relaxation and contraction
nutraMetrix® CannabiQuin™
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Supports memory, cognition and attention
May support normal 5-HT levels supporting calmness and relaxation
Helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose levels
Supports healthy weigh, respiratory health, and inflammatory response
May promote restful sleep
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Dr. Sheryl Duchess , N.D., M.H., Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Master Herbalist, Public Speaker, Educator

Dr.Sheryl is certified naturopathic doctor who is dedicated to educating and helping people find a more natural approach to wellness. She explains the root cause of disease and shares the secrets of a naturopath through her wellness course, videos, and mentoring opportunities.

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